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Preparing The Soul, Body, and Spirit for Nisan

Nisan, the first month on Hebrew calendar is a time of renewal, freedom, alignment, and rejuvenation. Biblically, this month is our marker for Rosh Chodashim, the head of months, a new biblical year (Exodus 12:1). For those in YHWH who wish to be in sync with and discerning of divine time, preparing for this new season is important. In every season, YHWH provides base instruction, perspective, and significance. We are blessed that we do not have to look too hard to find this provision, it is found in YHWH's appointed times, and written in His Holy Scriptures. In this blog post, we will explore some tips and tricks for preparing your soul, body, and spirit for Nisan.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Nisan coincides with March and April on the Gregorian calendar. For most of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, we experience spring around this time. Nisan may not take place in spring for people who live elsewhere, and some practical tips may or may not be applicable based on your location.


Set intentions for the season. Consider what you want to let go of from the previous months and what you want to invite into your life moving forward. You can do this through prayer, journaling, and identifying self-related questions. Invite the Holy Spirit to bring conviction, and this means that He will bring to the surface patterns of sin, triggers, and emotions that are contrary to the nature of God. Your intentions and revelations of such things will be reoriented to God's will.

Embrace community

Consider connecting with others and building community. Join a group, nurture personal relationships, help neighbors, or serve at a congregation. This will help cultivate purpose and fulfillment. Nurture your relationships and build connections with those who share your values. The presence of friends, family, and community will play a crucial role in personal growth and well-being, and add to a fresh outlook for the new season.

Create healthy habits

Prioritize your wellbeing by creating the change that you would like to see in your life. Whether it is eating cleaner, learning a skill or practicing gratitude, by making sustainable changes, healthy habits can help achieve intentions you've set. Healthy habits are to be detailed, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time sensitive (short term or long term). Listed below are general healthy habits you can start now:

  • Exercise: If you are a beginner, begin exercising 1-2 days every week, decide how long you will exercise each day and what workouts you will do.

  • Eat clean: Incorporate more fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and carbs, and proteins into your meals, and eat less processed foods. Meal plan if possible, and decide when you will prepare your meals.

Plan outdoor activities

Bring in Nisan with an outdoor activity. Go on a nature's walk. visit a beach, go on a road trip, plan a picnic, take a hike, or start a garden. In spring, nature is resurrecting and reconnecting after a harsh and cold winter. Connect with the rest of creation, and celebrate YHWH's faithfulness as He has allowed us to experience renewal of the Earth around us. For those who may not experience spring around this time of year, you can partake in activities (keeping in mind the new year's significance) that are seasonal in your region.

YHWH is bringing us out of an old place, into something new. We can experience and sense this shift if we are receptive to His calendar. He has given us appointed festivals as tools for us to be people who are led by His hand. It only makes sense for us to operate on His timing also. Nisan is less than thirty days away. Let us use our time wisely to prepare, plan, purge, and position ourselves for the new year that is ahead. We can never go wrong within the will of YHWH.

Below I've mentioned additional steps to help us mindfully enter Rosh Chodashim:

Spiritual and mental practices

Start a Bible reading plan

Host and organize a prayer night

Set yearly goals

Host a dinner party

Clean and declutter your space

Plan a fast

Celebrate Rosh Chodesh

Prepare for the biblical festivals


Exodus 12

Isaiah 43:16-21

Romans 6:1-7

2 Corinthians 5:17


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