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Ariel Speaks Podcast exists to encourage the justified, set apart, zealous, everyday Christian to address unbiblical traditions and doctrines in their lives that has crept into the Church, seek Yah in His written word, keep hold of sound doctrine, and remind themselves of the very center of Christian living: the Gospel.

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We want our listeners to love the written word of Yah and the discover the true heritage and tradition of the Saints of the Bible. Through studying, analyzing, and immersing one's self in the scriptures, the believer will find Yeshua, the living word, revealed in the Bible. We believe that is expected of every Christian, and that everyone does not have to be a seminary student or an aspiring theologian to live in truth and break away from man made tradition and say-so.

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Ariel Moorer was born Long Island, New York, later migrating to Georgia where she was raised as a child. Specializing in web design, business administration, and prison ministry, Ariel founded the Nazareth Life Company, a Christian company that targets web design, market material design, and writing services.

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